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Letterboxer will post you a free 'no junkmail' sticker. The only condition is that you live within New Zealand. Get a free sticker

The Fight Against Junkmail

Letterboxer is dedicated to fighting the unnecessary waste from junkmail. Letterboxer not only saves junkmail from being distributed, and in turn trees from being logged, but is assisting New Zealanders to progress towards sustainable living.

  • Destroying forests to make paper for junk mail releases as much greenhouse gas pollution as 9 million cars according to a 2008 ForestEthics report.
  • The average Christchurch home receives 70kg of junkmail per year.
  • A third of people receiving junkmail will give it up if you offer them a 'no junkmail' sticker.

Letterboxer makes giving up junkmail as easy as saying "Yes".

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Latest News

2015 Update

Letterboxer is still going strong and Julian from JustOrganic is posting out stickers across New Zealand. Remember this is funded by me (Andrew Horton) out of my own pocket so please only order stickers if you intend to use them.

I recently started up - I'm searching the world for all kinds of products that last as long as possible. Please visit for ethically sustainable products that are built to last. If you support my vision, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2013 Update

Hi everyone. I've just updated the Letterboxer website.

January, 2013

Moved To Melbourne

Andrew Horton, the Letterboxer founder has moved from New Zealand to Melbourne. Thankfully Julian McKeefry has agreed to look after Letterboxer and post out your stickers. Julian runs ,, an excellent organic food delivery service in Christchurch.

January, 2012

Wellington Update

Letterboxer is now based in Wellington. If you want to help , join the discussion on the Facebook Group

July, 2010

National Sticker Launch and Prize Giving

The National Sticker Launch and Prize Giving yesterday was a great success.

The winners are:
1st place, Pete Nicholls
2nd place, Chris Simpson
3rd place, Henry Bennet
Read more and see the designs

Nov 13th, 2009. Andrew Horton

New Sticker Launch and Prizegiving

The Pimp My Letterbox design competition winners will be announced and awarded iPod Nanos. 7pm until 9pm on Thursday, 12th November, 2009 at Municipal Chambers, Oxford Terrace (Our City O-Tautahi). Read more.

Nov 9th, 2009. Andrew Horton

Entries Closed for Competition

Entries for the Pimp My Letterboxer design competition closed on October 31st. Thank you to all who entered, over 120 entries were received. In the next few days our judges will select the finalists who will be invited to the prize giving event.

Nov 2nd, 2009. Andrew Horton

Sponsorship from Doubledot Media

Simon Slade from Doubledot Media, a multiple award-winning company in Christchurch, has agreed to sponsor Letterboxer. He is generously providing postage stamps (because the NZPost Community envelopes ran out), paying for stickers that can be sent nationwide and providing prizes for a 'No Junkmail' sticker design competition.

Sep 4th, 2009. Andrew Horton

Popular demand

I want to thank everyone who sent in kind emails supporting Letterboxer. In the days after Charlie Gate's article 'Group hits back against junk mail onslaught' appeared in The Christchurch Press and on, over a hundred 'No Junkmail' stickers have been requested by Canterbury residents. A handful of people have offered to volunteer, this is great and will help Letterboxer make a bigger difference.

Sep 4th, 2009. Andrew Horton

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