Young Letterboxer Heroes

Letterboxer heroes: Akasha (left) and Nile (right)

Letterboxer heroes: Akasha (left) and Nile (right)

During a typical weekend, teenage boys aren’t necessarily focused on saving the environment, but for Akasha, aged 14, and Nile, aged 13, reducing waste, recycling where possible, and fighting for a more sustainable New Zealand with Letterboxer, are just part of the many ways in which the next generation are taking a stand against climate change.

Led by their father, Letterboxer NZ Manager Julian, Akasha and Nile have processed all the requests for no-junkmail stickers through the Letterboxer website. Since 2012, each and every sticker request has been processed, and the envelopes hand written, and posted by these incredible young men.

When Akasha is not saving the environment, he is a dedicated student. In 2017, the Shirley Boys’ High School student received an NCEA result of Academic Excellence for his first year of high school.

Nile with his 2017 Touch Canterbury trophy

Helping to reduce unnecessary waste is just one of Nile’s passions, and rugby is another. In 2017, Nile won the Touch Canterbury Most Improved Player for the U14 Boys Black Team. Nile was also awarded with a Rotary Award for leadership, character, and scholarship in 2o17.

With passionate young men like Akasha and Nile who donate their time to environmental causes, one can’t help but feel like the world is in good hands with the next generation.








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