March 14, 2016


Current Supporters

Express Lawn and Garden Services.  Julian McKeefry has been an indispensable part of the Letterboxer team and has managed the New Zealand operations since 2012. Without Julian and his two boys Akasha and Nile, no one would have had their stickers posted to them after Andrew left New Zealand in 2012. If you have any lawn or garden needs in Christchurch then please contact Julian.

SMTP2Go. Charles Abrahamson has generously sponsored Letterboxer’s stickers and envelopes from 2015. SMTP2Go is a Christchurch based company that provides email services.

NZ Law Online. Savva Kerdemelidis at NZ Law Online has generously provided pro-bono legal advice to Letterboxer, including assisting with the incorporation of Letterboxer as a Charitable Trust.

Metorik. Bryce Adams has kindly provided Letterboxer with a free subscription to Metorik to help us to monitor the sticker orders from around New Zealand.

Past Supporters

Printable Solutions. Ashley Horton from Printable Solutions Group, a Christchurch based printing and design company has generously assisted Letterboxer with sticker printing over the years.

DoubleDot Media. Simon Slade from DoubleDot Media, a Christchurch web development company, generously sponsored Letterboxer for a few years. DoubleDot Media enabled Letterboxer to run the design competition, provided iPod prizes, and also paid for stickers and envelopes.

Environment Canterbury. ECAN supplied Letterboxer an initial set of no junkmail stickers to be used within Canterbury for which we are extremely grateful.

New Zealand Post. When Letterboxer began, NZPost generously supplied a limited number of Community Post envelopes.