March 14, 2016


Sustainability & The Environment in NZ

Citizens Advice Bureau The CAB provide advice to New Zealanders. On this webpage they answer questions about receiving mail.

Marketing Association of New Zealand The Marketing Association of New Zealand have a contact form so that you can be added to their Do Not Mail list.

The Waste Exchange Browse listings of rubbish you can have free. One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. All sorts of commercial materials are available.

EcoMailBox The Ecomailbox business provides free no junkmail stickers to New Zealanders. They also provide junkmail delivered by email.

Greenpeace NZ Greenpeace is a not for profit organisation that helps the NZ environment.

Green Party NZ The Green party of New Zealand have policies that are the most committed to saving our environment.

News about Junk Mail in New Zealand

The Dominion Post – You’ve got junk mail: 33kg of it

NZHerald : Junk mail merchants let off fines
Two Auckland councils are granting immunity from prosecution to junk mail advertisers despite an audit showing most people still receive unwanted unaddressed mail.

International Links

Stop the Junk Mail United States service to stop addressed junk mail.

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